Marialaura Marinozzi


Marialaura Marinozzi is a Sammarinian barrister since 2004 with an international law degree from the Urbino University and the “Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. ”. She holds a MA on “Human rights and law” from the University of Siena and the Columbia University (NYC); a PhD on “international law” from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (PISA).

She worked 8 years within the San Marino Public Administration in different capacities, as State attorney, with a specialization on international private and public law, as adviser for the sammarinian Judge at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and as head of the Legal Unit Department within the San Marino Ministry of Foreign Affairs both in the Capital and abroad with a specialization on the United Nations, Council of Europe and European Union Issues.

As Head of the Legal Division and Legal Adviser of the republic of San Marino Embassies in Geneva and NYC She was also responsible for the negotiation processes regarding resolutions, statements, draft documents and declarations.

She worked, as scholar from the Sant’anna school for advanced studies specialized on international law, within the european commission in Brussels.

She teachs university courses in italy and abroad on international law with a focus on “preventive diplomacy”, She has been one of the Coordinators of some EU project within the Scuola Sant’Anna, the University of Siena and NPWJ.

She represented the republic of San Marino in the “help working group” within the Council of Europe, and She is a member of the national committee for the european integration of the San Marino bar association.

She is a scholar of the Link Campus University in Rome with a focus  on Security Studies. She speaks fluently English, Spanish and French.


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